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Huge screen presentations at 4000K +.


Television Advertising, drama and comedy.


Internet narrative and internet advertising.

Digital Video

Propaganda films, marketing and training.

New Media

Multi screen, multi platform, non linear and new screens.


S3D (stereoscopic 3D) animation

The Animation Artroom

The Animation Artroom is located in Perth, Western Australia and is the states longest running studio. We receive commissions from local, national and international clients and have worked for some of the worlds largest companies (and some of the smallest).

We produce animation content in all sorts of styles from hand drawn traditional through to 2dflash, 3dcgi, stereoscopic and non conventional styles. We craft animation from all sorts of screens for:

  • Cinema advertising
  • Television drama and comedy
  • Television commercials
  • Corporate Marketing and training
  • Internet protocol marketing and training
  • Internet advertising &
  • New media screens.

We craft animation content to exact studio & client briefs and also work with clients and creatives to hone animation works from concept to screen.

We like making animation, and would very much like to get your animation piece on your kind of screen.


  • 29 Farmer Street North Perth 6000 Australia
  • (618) 9228 2804